Pivvit provides a suite of services to ensure your implementation is successful

Implementation – Be operational in 3-5 days with one of our standard implementation packages

Integration – Integrate Pivvit with your website, mobile, and legacy systems

Solutions – Tailor Pivvit to your exact needs and specifications; extend your implementation to new modules and functionality, or build standalone apps using our platform

Consulting – Pivvit provides a range of management consulting services specifically designed to increase your sales and streamline your operations.  Our consulting team is comprised of former consultants from top tier firms.  Practice areas include digital and social media marketing, software development, and lean operations.

Training – Ensure your team has the necessary skills to use our platform effectively, with comprehensive training courses designed for all roles and levels

Support – Receive 24/7 premium support with guaranteed response times as fast as 1 hour


Our Standard Implementation packages will have you up and running fast.  Standard packages include:

  • Setting up your Pivvit environment, users, and permissions
  • Matching the exact branding and styling of your website
  • Setting up your first offerings
  • Adding custom data fields, if needed
  • Setting up business rules and controls
  • Pre-loading current and past customers and members
  • Training for your managers and front-line staff

Depending on your exact needs, we usually complete a standard deployment in 3-5 days, including development, testing, and fine-tuning.

More complicated implementations may take a few weeks or months, depending on your specific requirements.

Alternatively, you can also work with a third-party consultant, or use your in-house technical team to implement Pivvit.


Pivvit supports a variety of two-way batch or real-time integration options with other platforms and existing systems.  This includes point-of-sale systems, connect tools, barcode scanners, accounting software, and other common platforms.

You can work with Pivvit Services directly to complete the integration, hire a third-party integrator, or have your in-house technology team perform the service for you.

Contact Pivvit Services with your specific requirements: