Pivvit’s REST API provides a simple, powerful, and convenient web services API for interacting with the Pivvit platform. Its advantages include ease of integration and development.  It is an excellent choice for use with web projects and mobile applications alike.

Our REST API lets you integrate with Pivvit applications using simple HTTP methods in JSON format, making this an ideal API for mobile applications or external clients.

The benefits of using the REST API in your integrations include:

  • Ubiquitous access: Use standard HTTP method call-outs, available on every language and platform, to make requests and retrieve information from Pivvit.
  • Standards-based security: Utilize the OAuth protocol for authenticating your REST calls.
  • Data model: Gain access to the data model and standard objects.

Pivvit provides access to the REST API to enterprise customers and systems integrators using the Pivvit platform.  Please contact your Pivvit account manager.


Pivvit partners with developers implementing e-commerce solutions.

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