Pivvit Solutions can develop specialized features, more significant customizations, new modules or functionality, or entire new applications for you.

Though you can always hire a third-party consultant to customize your implementation, Pivvit Solutions can provide unique advantages compared to other consultants:

Superior Knowledge – Our consulting team knows the Pivvit platform better than any third-party integrator.  Additionally, our business analysts have worked on a variety of projects across numerous industries, giving them the experience and knowledge to help your company.

Faster Execution – Our extensive knowledge of the Pivvit platform enables us to execute your modifications faster.  We use a lean development approach that enables us to complete, deploy, and fully test most customizations in less than two months.

No surprises – We tell you exactly what we will build, when it will be ready, and how much it will cost before we start performing any work.

Fixed cost guarantee – We guarantee a fixed cost for most implementations, so you know exactly how much the work will cost before we start the project.

Feature prioritization – As we work closely with the developers of the core Pivvit platform, we are better able to prioritize new feature requests and fast-track issue resolution on your behalf.

Accelerated ROI – We keep our costs low, help you prioritize the most important features first, and execute quickly to deliver a higher return for you.  Most of our consulting engagements generate higher than 2X ROI within the first five months.

Contact Pivvit Solutions today to discuss your specific needs: