Full Stack Developer


About You:

Not important:  How many years you’ve been coding, or where you’ve worked before.

Important:  You are excited to use emerging web technologies. You write clean, efficient, well-organized code and you possess superior knowledge of PHP (preferably Laravel), Javascript (preferably Angular), HTML and CSS (preferably SASS). You are familiar with Github and task management systems such as Jira. Experience coding API’s is a plus.

You have a positive mindset and excellent attention to detail.  You are creative, innovative, and team-oriented.  You motivate yourself to perform at an excellent level, and are always thinking of ways to improve.  You thrive in efficient environments and seek to eliminate waste.  You are excited by the prospect of working on a small team, with some of the latest web technologies, and learning new things.

You live in Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, or Belarus, and you speak English reasonably well.

About Pivvit:

Pivvit’s SaaS platform is changing e-commerce and business automation.  Compared to other platforms, Pivvit enables customers to increase sales — usually by 40% or more.

Pivvit is led by experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.  Prior to being an Associate Partner with McKinsey & Company, our CEO worked as the first employee at Xtime, a Silicon Valley enterprise software company acquired for $300M.  Our CTO coded the real-time dispatch system for Uber and served as their de facto CTO until they grew to 400 employees.  Our advisory board comprises former executives from Google, Yahoo, AOL, early advisors to PayPal, eLance, Google, a former Venture Capitalist, and a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Stanford.

Pivvit is uniquely organized in small cross-functional teams giving our developers direct access to senior leaders and client champions with very little time lost in meetings or administrative red tape.  We use an agile development process that combines Lean operations, Kanban, and Lean Startup methodologies to push code to production daily while avoiding rework.

Our unique development approach enables our developers to code for >95% of the day, with minimal rework and very little time spent in meetings — the only meetings are to discuss immediate tasks for the day, get help and guidance on tasks, provide timing estimates for future work, and generate technical solutions with team.

The Position:

As a Full Stack Developer at Pivvit you will work with some of the latest web technologies to solve a variety of business needs,  keeping you constantly learning new things.  On a daily basis you will code, modify, and maintain Pivvit’s core API, web, and mobile applications.  In addition to coding Pivvit’s core platform in Laravel PHP and AngularJS, you will also have the opportunity to build specific product modules and enterprise-grade customized applications such as memberships, ticketing, classes, events, scheduling, point-of-sale, product e-commerce, coupons, and donations.

You will work directly with our product owners and leadership on a small, highly efficient development team with a rapid pace, almost no overhead, no unnecessary meetings, where your boss respects your time, and where everything you code actually gets used by customers.  You will document and test all of your own code, and will push code daily.  Most of your communications will be conducted in English, however our lead developer also speaks Spanish.

You will receive a good salary, stock options in a US technology startup, flexible vacations, and paid holidays.  As long as you perform well, you will be able to work remotely from anywhere you want, without needing to relocate.  You will have the option to work either US or European working hours.

To Apply:

Please know that as part of the interview process, you will need to complete a three-hour coding challenge in PHP and Javascript.

To apply, submit the following online application and attach your updated resume (.pdf or .txt), or include a link to your online resume.  We will then follow up with you.

Submit Your Application: