In addition to implementation and integration, Pivvit offers a spectrum of consulting services designed specifically to increase your sales and streamline your operations.  Our consultants are fully versed in the capabilities of the Pivvit platform and know how best to deploy it to maximize your returns.  Led by former managers, lead consultants, and associate partners from firms such as McKinsey & Company and BCG, our team has the depth of experience to help you and improve the key areas of your operation that will unlock your opportunities for growth.

Our expertise includes:

Conversion Growth – Did you know that on leading e-commerce systems convert on average only one out of five shoppers?  The others — four times the number who buy — abandon their cart without purchasing. Unfortunately, this also means that 80% of your marketing spend and media is ultimately wasted each year. For large enterprises, this translates into millions of dollars of wasted advertising. We help you implement techniques and best practices that enable you to capture more of these lost sales and significantly increase your online revenues.

Digital Marketing – You have more digital marketing tools today than ever before, from email to videos and social media, online and mobile marketing, loyalty programs, affinity and referral marketing, online advertising, and retargeting.  Pivvit will help you implement the right approaches for your business needs.  We’ll help you balance online and offline, execute effective media buys, optimize your website and mobile marketing, and implement the analytics you need to be effective.

Social Media Marketing – Should you be marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Snapchat?  Should you be crowd sourcing, crowd funding, going viral, or pursuing something else altogether?  Pivvit will help you leverage the right social media platforms and techniques to produce tangible results.  We’ll steer you through every step of the way, including crafting your social media messages and posts, executing your campaigns, integrating your social media with your other digital marketing efforts, monetizing your viewers, and tracking your outcomes.

Marketing Strategy – Though the fundamental principles of marketing remain timeless, we no longer live in a world where an inflexible marketing strategy can produce the growth that most organizations desire.  Changing technologies and capabilities continue to open new growth opportunities — and threats — on an almost monthly basis, and the pace of change shows no sign of slowing.  This means that your marketing strategy must be informed and able to evolve quickly in order to keep up with new developments.  Pivvit Business Consulting helps you understand which new developments to embrace in order to drive growth, which to avoid and which to watch.  We help you fold the necessary changes into your marketing approach and, when appropriate, modify your strategy to take advantage of new opportunities.

Pricing – Is your pricing optimized to maximize your returns today, and throughout your relationship with your customers? Even the best-planned pricing structures can become obsolete. We help you identify pricing opportunities that can produce significant impact on your bottom line, and then we help you capture those opportunities in a manner that preserves your customer base.

Sales Force Effectiveness – Does your sales team regularly hit and exceed your forecast? Are you able to maintain your sales performance as you scale and grow your team? We conduct a thorough diagnostic of your sales effectiveness, and then help you implement key improvements to enable you to sell more each year. To the extent necessary, we help you design or improve your sales strategy, tailor your sales approach to each customer segment, define your verticals and territories, set pricing, set target quotas, select the right sales leadership, recruit, hire, train and retain the right sales personnel, set compensation plans, select and manage your sales leadership, redesign your sales operations, develop sales scripts tools, reports and forecasts, and manage your inside or remote sales teams.

Capacity Management – How much capacity should you plan for?  If you are able to meet demand spikes using full-time staff, then you might be overstaffed the rest of the time.  We help you manage your resource capacity in a responsible manner that enables you to fulfill  varying levels of work while increasing customer satisfaction, speed of service, and controlling expenses.

Software Development – Not enough time, people, or budget? Implement proven practices that will enable you develop more with less, and will significantly accelerate your development. Pivvit’s development methodology accelerates your development process and allows you to cut 30-50% from your agile or SCRUM timeline without increasing your budget.

Lean Operations – Need to do more without increasing costs?  It actually is possible to get faster, better, and cheaper at the same time.  We help your managers streamline your existing processes and operations to serve higher volumes, accelerate your speed of service, increase customer and employee satisfaction, and reduce your costs.

Pivvit Consulting has flexible payment options to fit your budget, including pay-as-you-go and results-based fee arrangements.

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